Thursday, 7 July 2022

The Rise of Third-Party Shopify Product Upload Services: Why They’re Vital for Vendors

 Every vendor who runs a Shopify eCommerce store knows the importance of keeping the account up-to-date at all times. But, not every vendor has the capability to regularly upload new product photos, create new product listings, etc. That’s why third-party Shopify product upload services are gaining in popularity. Let’s explore the needs, uses, and benefits of third-party Shopify product listing services.

The Unstoppable Rise of Shopify Merchants & Vendors

Shopify, the 16-year-old online store builder for eCommerce vendors & businesses is getting stronger every year. It’s a $48+ billion company with over 1.75 million registered vendors across 175 countries. Anyone, even those without any coding or web design expertise, can create stunning websites with strong eCommerce features on Shopify.

That’s why vendors who sell unique products under their own brands love using this powerful eCommerce store builder. Users get free 14-day trials, numerous dropshipping integrations, & 100+ professionally designed themes with easy-to-use customization options. But, managing a business is never easy. Managing your eCommerce business on Shopify won’t be easy either. 

Managing a Shopify Account: Challenges and Solutions

To run a successful eCommerce store, you’ll need live account & budget tracking tools. Regularly updating your Shopify account budget is the key to keeping your long-term financial strategy on the platform intact. Similarly, you’ll also have to regularly update your Shopify store’s data feed. Why?

Well, do you want your shoppers to click on out-of-stock products or incorrect listings? Of course not, right? Shoppers find it very annoying when Shopify stores have broken links, wrong listings, no images, and other similar issues. That’s when third-party Shopify product data entry services can be of immense help.

Shopify Store Management: The Essential Responsibilities

Shopify gives vendors incredible opportunities to create premium-grade eCommerce stores and put their products in front of new e-shoppers. Since 2020, the number of first-time shoppers on Shopify has increased by 45%. Over 50% of all stores on Shopify get repeat shoppers. Vendors can benefit immensely if they have strong “Shopify” strategies to enhance their brand & product discoverability.

But, that’s the most challenging part for vendors. Tasks like adding new products to the Shopify Store, updating existing products, or performing data analysis aren’t easy. But, if you want Shopify success – you’ll have to take these steps. You’ll also have to correctly optimize your product listings. Unclear product titles or descriptions reflect very poorly on the vendor.

On the other hand, well-designed and well-optimized Shopify stores receive much more traction from online shoppers. For instance, stores with up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers attract 75% more traffic than poorly optimized stores. The average Shopify user only spends 3 minutes and 19 seconds on the platform.

The window of opportunity to impress, interest, and secure customers is small. But, if your Shopify store is optimized for conversions you’re guaranteed to secure sales. That’s what providers of third-party Shopify product data entry services do. These Shopify experts provide SEO, store design, and day-to-day account management services. Here’s why these services matter.

Advantages of Shopify Product Listing and Data Entry Services

Unless your Shopify store’s product listings are optimized – you won’t secure multiple sales every day. Your store must be optimized for Google and geared towards your target customers. Most importantly, you’ll have to ensure that all information in your Shopify account’s data feeds is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This means regularly updating your –

  • Product titles, descriptions, and product categories
  • Uploading up-to-date, high-definition products image
  • Modifying the store’s URLs to make it user-friendlier
  • Regularly updating all products’ SKU numbers, weight details, dimensions, and other stock information

Since many vendors can’t update their data feeds on a day-to-day basis, they use third-party Shopify product listing services. Here are some tasks these Shopify specialists accomplish on behalf of the vendors –

Creating Up-to-Date Product Listings

Creating clear and informative product listings is vital for all Shopify vendors. Your titles and descriptions must be clear. The listing should include all possible data points, including –

  • Product SKU
  • Product title
  • Product descriptions
  • UPC
  • HD Images
  • Product URLs
  • Price details
  • Discounts (if applicable)
  • Manufacturer name, details
  • Quantity-related details
  • Shipping information

Here’s the best product listing format that Shopify experts use  

Brand Name -> Product Name -> Product Color -> Product Style -> Material -> Size Details -> Key Features

Using multiple high-ranking keywords in this section is also vital. Professional providers Shopify product listing services take all these steps. They do their own SEO research to make the listings even more discoverable for target audiences. They create original product listings (not copied from other stores) and include all the relevant product information and technical details. They create descriptions that evoke shopper interest & encourage them to make purchases.

Regular Account Updates

Providers of Shopify product upload services regularly add new products and update existing products on their clients’ Shopify Stores. They also conduct regular A/B testing and data analysis to improve the stores’ appeal. Here are some regular, day-to-day tasks these experts accomplish -

  • Adding new product categories.
  • Editing existing product categories.
  • Adding new attributes, features, and descriptions (e.g., colours, dimensions, etc.), to new and existing products to make them more appealing.
  • Converting low-resolution product images into mesmerizing, high-definition images with eye-catching graphics.

Overall Account Management Assistance

Professional Shopify experts can even help you with inventory management. They consistently make products visible/invisible depending on their stock availability. They even get rid of old, broken URLs. These services make it easy for inexperienced vendors with little to no technical capabilities to succeed on Shopify.

Aumtec Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of Shopify product listing services helps thousands of such vendors every year. Aumtech can handle all back-end operations of your Shopify store – from data entry to product creation to database management.

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